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Poet and computer geek returned to school for a degree in English Literature and Asian Studies (and just graduated summa cum laude =).


"All in deshou" pretty much means "I guess I'm all in."

Rachel McGregor Rawlings is a writer and part-time comic originally from Philadelphia, now living in New York City. She recently made her New York stage debut in Cabaret at Aaron Davis Hall. Having graduated from the City College of New York with colors flying and all limbs intact, she is returning to work on a screenplay for a film set in Philadelphia. She is available for technical documentation and bat mitzvahs.


There's a longer bio in the introductory posts, so let's just use the rest of this space for some credits and housekeeping.

The Papergrrl mascot was designed by Kristin Brennan of Jitterbug Studios and is copyright © 1996, 2005 by Rachel McGregor Rawlings, all rights reserved (and thereby exempted from the Creative Commons license that covers the text). Arigatou, Kristin!

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Japan (animated and not), poker, politics, poetry